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Pandora Perles De Charms De Cristal Vert

€65.86  €15.65
Economie : 76%

Pandora Letter B Perle Alphabet

€59.63  €15.65
Economie : 74%

Pandora Charms De Boule Blanche Clipser

€82.77  €20.99
Economie : 75%

Pandora Vert Sterling Silver Flower Perle

€57.85  €15.65
Economie : 73%

Pandora Boule Blanche Dangle Charm Perle

€97.90  €22.59
Economie : 77%

Pandora d'Et De Zircone à Double Clipser

€80.10  €20.99
Economie : 74%

Pandora Et Jaune Champagne Floraison Rose Charms

€127.27  €29.00
Economie : 77%

Pandora Les Coeurs Roses Perle

€64.97  €15.65
Economie : 76%

Pandora Naissance En Cristal Rond Bleu Foncé De Charms Balancent

€89.89  €23.66
Economie : 74%

Pandora Silver Charm Perles De Cristal Violet

€72.09  €20.10
Economie : 72%

Pandora Or Luzerne Pince Charms

€132.61  €35.23
Economie : 73%

  • Modèle : Pandora_1582

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Pandora Or Luzerne Pince Charms

-Logo: Pandora
-Genre: Femme
-Finissage Exquis
-Saison: Toutes Les Saisons
-Garantie Un An
-Moderne, Seduisante, Attrayant

PANDORA's philosophy is to create beautiful jewellery that inspires individuality and celebrates life's unforgettable moments. The brand offers women across the world a universe of high quality, hand-finished, modern jewellery made from genuine precious metals and gemstones.
From the world famous charm bracelets, bejewelled stacking rings, stunning interchangeable earrings, personalised watches and the new multi-layered necklace concept, PANDORA aims to inspire women to express their own unique sense of style through the jewellery they wear.
All women have their stories to tell - a personal collection of special moments that makes them who they are. This is what makes these moments unforgettable

Add a touch of luxury to your charm bracelet with this pretty clip. The lucerne flower clip is made from beautiful 14ct gold and has been crafted into a round ball shape. A pretty design adorns the outside of the charm adding extra detail to the overall look of the charm.


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